Wollemi Football Club has implemented the following code of conduct for players:- 

Parents must advise the manager/coach personally if their child is to be collected for games or training session by anyone other than themselves.

Parents must ensure that their childs ride home is at training at least 10 minutes prior to the end of training. It is unfair and rude to expect coaches or managers to stay back and wait for you, they want to get home too.

All players must attend Wednesday afternoon training if you wish to participate in Saturdays game.  You must advise your coach/manager if you are unable to attend 24 hours before hand.

All players must arrive 30 minutes prior to kick off for games.  Approval to play the game must be obtained from the coach/manager if you arrive late.   You must telephone the manager 24 hrs before hand if you are unable to attend a game.

If a player does not attend training or contact the manager to advise that they will not be at training they will be placed as a reserve for the Saturday game. This rule also applies to players who do not arrive 30 minutes prior to Saturday game kickoff.

Players must wear appropriate equipment (boots, shin pads, club socks and shorts)  to Saturday games.  Shin pads must also be worn at training sessions.

At the conclusion of each Saturday game players must attend a team meeting with the coach and manager before leaving the grounds.

A child who is awarded the team mascot or player of the game must return the mascot to the manager together with the clean laundry by training session on the following Wednesday.

Players are to bring a water bottle to all games and training sessions.

Whatever the weather, Saturday games are on unless the team manager has contacted you early on Saturday morning to cancel the game. Saturday games are played in the rain and on hot days.  The club does not have the funds to cover game cancellation fines caused by recurring absences.

Not misuse Soccer Club equipment.

Play matches according to the principles of fair play.  

Wear club shirt only for playing in games on behalf of the club.  (Shirts must be returned at the end of each game to the Manager)

Not act in a manner which is detrimental to the interests of the club.