Wet Weather & Emergency Procedures


During or following periods of bad weather, grounds are closed by the local government authority, the club or the association.

Where councils or clubs have closed grounds midweek, clubs are required to notify the association by 12pm on the Friday if their grounds will be opened for the weekend.

If notification is not provided by a club, the association will treat the ground as closed for the weekend.

 Contact shall be made either by email or telephone.  (There should be a physical inspection made before a decision is made).

It is quite acceptable to close the fields for Saturday and review for Sunday. The inspection for Sunday opening must be completed by 12:00 pm on Saturday and contact must be made by telephone to the operations manager of the association.

Important Notice – This should be provided to all your Club Members

If your club’s ground is closed, that does not mean that games will be cancelled at the weekend. It is the policy of the association to re-schedule as many games as possible and the weekend will only be cancelled if a large majority of grounds are closed or if councils have closed all grounds around the district.

Games will be transferred to neutral fields and there may be some instances where clubs are requested to open their fields especially for neutral field games. If this occurs, clubs are required to provide toilet facilities and a basic canteen service.
Wet weather information can be found on the association web site
www.nepeansoccer.com.au or Wet Weather Information Line:  Tel 1902 240 042

From the By-Laws                                                                 

Section 10:  Wet Weather & Emergency Regulations

This section deals with disruptions to competitions, ground closures and the authority of the Operations Manager to deal with matters arising from such situations.

Wet Weather – these rules apply to all age groups and divisions

1.        In the event of wet weather causing any number of fields to be closed, the Operations Manager, or nominated committee person, shall be empowered to transfer matches to alternative fields at extremely short notice.

2.        The Operations Manager shall advise the original host club as to where the match has been re-scheduled and at what time the game will kick off.

3.        Team officials arriving at a venue and finding it unavailable shall contact a committee member of the host club in order to find out if the scheduled game has been re-scheduled by the Association.

4.        A member of the Association’s Board must be advised by the Operations Manager of the proposed emergency arrangements before such action is taken.

5.        At times of prolonged inclement weather affecting the district, the Operations Manager or the Board may declare emergency regulations to be in force for a specified period of time.

Other Emergency Arrangements – these rules apply to all age groups and divisions

1.        In the event of any other emergency which may include, but is not limited to, flood, fire, acts of vandalism, closure by public authority, the Operations Manager shall be empowered to transfer matches to other fields or re-schedule games as per points 14 above.

2.        If, as a result of a disciplinary hearing, a competition match has to be cancelled, forfeited or altered where notice would be less than 48 hours, the Operations Manager is empowered to make the necessary changes to the competition and notify affected clubs using emergency powers.


Neutral Field Games

1.        When any game is scheduled to be played on a neutral field, the Operations Manager shall advise the host club via the FAN notice that there are additional fixtures set down for the field.  If time permits, the association will endeavour to contact club representatives personally.

2.        The team named first on the fixture list is responsible for providing a team sheet.

3.        The host club is responsible for marking the field and supplying and installing nets and corner posts, and must supply amenities (canteen and toilet facilities).  All clubs are required to have drinking water available at the host ground and should aim for a full canteen service.  The provision of male and female toilets at the host ground is compulsory.  Breaches of this rule may result in fines or action taken against the host club.

4.        Team sheets are the responsibility of the team named first on the fixture list and completed sheets shall be returned to an official of the home team.

5.        While the host club is responsible for putting nets up and down, the association advises all visiting teams that they may be requested to assist with this task if the host club does not have sufficient volunteers to complete it.

6.        Visiting teams are reminded that neutral field facilities are being provided by another clubs volunteer staff and as such, they should be treated with courtesy and respect.

7.        A neutral field host club is not responsible for providing unofficial referees to visiting teams.



Other Useful Information

No ID Cards

All games in the NDSFA district are played under the ID card rule.  If your opposition team does not have their ID cards available and present for checking our by-laws provides the following ruling;

8. If a team fails to produce their ID cards prior to the match:

a. The offending team shall be deemed to have forfeited the match; and

b. The opposing team shall be credited a Win on forfeit (result shall be recorded as a 3-0 win).

9. When ID cards are not available prior to the match, teams are not permitted to play a game, either as a competition game or friendly. A fine of up to $200 per team may be imposed for non-compliance with this rule.


By-laws also address an exemption under extenuating circumstances.  BEFORE this rule can be invoked, Extenuating circumstances will need to be deemed adequately to qualify as extenuating by the Board Member dealing with the request.

By-law 12 says.....In extenuating circumstances, a member of the Association’s Executive Board members (President, Secretary or Treasurer) may permit a game to be played without the team’s ID cards. They are not permitted to make this decision if it affects a match where one of the team’s is from a club with which they have an affiliation


Please contact a member of the Associations Executive committee if this relates to your circumstance.

No shirts

Our by-laws tell us that all competition teams must play in the same coloured shirts (expect for the goal keeper) and that all shirts must have a different number on the back.

If the shirts of both teams clash, the away team must change into an alternative strip.

If your opposition team does not have an alternative strip with them when they arrive at your field, you may lend them an alternative strip if one is available.

If an alternative strip is not available from the host club, the match is deemed as forfeited by the team that does not have the appropriate strip.

No Referees

We are often asked what happens if no referee is available.  Following is the procedure for the appointment of referees when no official referee has presented to officiate at the game in question.

Procedure When no NDSRA Referee is Appointed

In the event of an official referee not attending a match, the team managers, or captains, of both teams shall agree to appoint a referee to control the game. The first preference shall be given to the Association’s club referees who have been registered with the Association for the current season.


1. In the absence of a NDSRA appointed referee, the hierarchy of appointments is as follows:


a. A club referee registered with the Association for the current season who is supplied by the visiting team

b. A club referee registered with the Association for the current season who is supplied by the host club

c. An unofficial referee not registered with the Association who is mutually agreed to by the officials of the two teams.


If an agreement between the two teams is still not reached after applying the above appointment hierarchy rules, the game will be dealt with in the same manner as an abandoned game.  The home team is responsible for reporting the unplayed game.  Both clubs and team officials shall submit written reports to the association within 48 hours of the scheduled match time explaining their actions or the circumstances that lead to no agreement being reached.

Neither team will play again until instructed by the Operations Manager.

Both teams will present themselves to the board of the NDSFA at a time and venue indicated by the Board.

Games not running to time

Sometimes games don’t run to time.  This happens for a variety of reasons.  If a game doesn’t run to time because a team doesn’t have their strip, ID cards, or sufficient players, our by-laws deal with each of these instances.  Ultimately, it’s up to the appointed referee to abandon the game or delay its start time.  The time frame that the referee works within to reach this conclusion remains at his/her discretion. 

If, throughout the season, you have reason to seek clarification on this rule prior to a game being declared abandoned, please do not contact the Operations Manager.  She is not in a position to advise you on whether or not sufficient time has elapsed to declare a game abandoned or if the circumstances warrant abandonment.  Nor can she have a word with the referee to direct him/her to abandon a game.

If you require information or advice on match days concerning delayed kick offs, or on whether or not a game should be abandoned, please contact either  the Association’s President, Secretary or Treasurer.  Their contact numbers can be located in the front of the NDSFA club directory.


Forfeit Fine Matrix

Fine Scale

 Saturday Game SSF

 Saturday Game Comp

 Sunday Game

 Tues Game

 Wed Game

 Thurs Game

 Fri Game

Notice Received Monday

 $                        -  

 $                       -  

 $               50.00

 $               50.00

 $                      -  

 $                       -  

Notice Received Tuesday

 $                        -  

 $                      -  

 $            100.00

 $               50.00

 $               50.00

 $                       -  

Notice Received Prior 10am Wednesday

 $                        -  

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

 $            100.00

 $               50.00

 $               50.00

Notice Received After 10am Wednesday

 $                        -  

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

 $            100.00

 $               50.00

 $               50.00

Notice Received Thursday

 $            50.00

 $               50.00

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

 $            100.00

 $               50.00

Notice Received Friday

 $            50.00

 $               50.00

 $               50.00

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

 $            100.00

Notice Received Saturday

 $            50.00

 $             100.00

 $               50.00

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

Notice Received Sunday

 $            50.00

 $                        -  

 $            100.00

 $               50.00

 $                       -  

 $                       -  

 $                       -  


Player Upgrade Matrix

Clubs will be emailed a copy of a spreadsheet that will assist with inquires you may receive on whether or not a player may upgrade to another team.  The spreadsheet will also be made available on our website for Coaches & Mangers to refer to.  Unfortunately it is too big in size to successfully print as a handout.

Instructions for Result Reporting

1.        Log onto the website www.compman.com.au/results/ using the login & password provided to you.

2.        A list of your games that require results will appear.

3.        Enter the scores for each game

4.        Submit.

Remember, scores must be submitted by 9pm Sunday night.  Our website will update shortly after you submit your scores.


Team Sheet Fine Information to distribute to your teams

Section 14: Team Sheets


This section of the by-laws deals with matters relating to the completion of team sheets. It also covers fines relating to non-compliance.

1. In all matches for teams in age groups Under 10 and above, the team managers of each team shall before the start of the match hand to the referee a completed team sheet containing a list of the proper names of the players in their respective teams. The team sheet must be printed in black or blue ballpoint pen. The team sheets shall be signed and personally witnessed by the opposing Team Manager, who also signs the sheet. Either team representative may inspect the team sheet during the game, upon request.

2. The use of felt-tipped or water soluble pens when making out a team sheet shall incur a fine.

3. The use of PENCIL or LIQUID PAPER will incur a fine and LOSS OF POINTS to the offending team, with a maximum of 3 points being awarded to the opposing team.

4. The home club shall be responsible for all team sheets of all their team’s games. Team sheets must be delivered to the association’s office no later than 7.00pm on the Tuesday following the match. Delivery methods may be in person, posted or sent electronically to the association. In all instances where team sheets are sent electronically, the club is responsible for ensuring that the original team sheets arrive at the association office within seven days.

5. In the event of a team sheet not arriving within 7 days, the home team shall be fined $100 and incur LOSS OF POINTS.

6. The names are to correspond with numbers on the players shirts.

7. Players upgraded into the team must be included. The team sheet must be marked U/G and the age/div of the player recorded.

8. Marshal’s names shall be printed and signed on team sheets at all times.

9. Signing of a team sheet at the end of a match is not an indication that either club participating will not protest the result or that the information contained on the sheet has been completed by the referee.


Instructions for the Completion of the Team Sheet

Team sheets will be produced by the Association and emailed to the home club’s Competition Secretary or other nominated recipient on the Thursday prior to the game. The team sheet will list all of the eligible players for the team. If a player’s name is not printed on the team sheet, they are not eligible to play for the team. (see note 1)

 Do not under any circumstances add a player’s name to the team sheet, with the exception of eligible upgrades from another team. Players added to the team sheet will be treated as ineligible players and will incur a fine and loss of points.


Note 1

1 It should be noted, that from time to time, the Management Committee will give permission to clubs to enter names on team sheets of correctly registered players of the team if their name has been omitted from the team sheet due to a malfunction or technical error caused by the registration system software. In such instances, clear directions are sent to clubs and the hand written names are verified by office staff when the team sheet is submitted for scrutiny.

The home team manager will need to collect the team sheet from their club prior to the game. It is the responsibility of the home club to organize and effectively communicate their procedures for collection and depositing of team sheets with their team officials.

The team sheet must be completed and handed to the referee prior to the scheduled kick off time. No alterations to the team sheet are allowed after the game has commenced.

In the home team section of the team sheet the manager will:

1. Enter shirt numbers against a maximum of 16 players. If shirt numbers are entered against more that 16 players, the 17th and any subsequent players will be deemed to be ineligible players. This will incur a fine for each ineligible player and the loss of points for the game. Players entered on the team sheet as upgraded players will be counted in the total number of players.

2. If players are upgraded from another team, enter their details in the upgrade section and record the shirt number, player’s name, registration number and team from which the player is being upgraded.

3. The name of the registered team coach and manager will be printed on the team sheet. The coach and manager need to sign to indicate that they are officiating for the game. In the event that either the registered coach and/or manager are not in attendance, the stand-in coach and/or manager need to cross out the printed name and print their name and sign.

4. Enter the home team marshal name and get the marshal to sign.

5. Once all the home team details have been entered pass the team sheet to the away team manager. You must do this and allow reasonable sufficient time for the away team manager to complete their tasks.

6. The away team manager needs to follow steps 1–4.

Both managers need to inspect the identities of the opposition team and make certain the players listed are present, wearing the allocated shirt number and initial the team sheet next to each player that has been sighted. It is the responsibility of both managers to ensure that the opposition checks are done correctly and that the team sheet is completed accurately.

Fines will be levied against any team that does not correctly complete the team sheet or check the opposition player correctly. In the event that a shirt number is recorded on the team sheet, for which there is no opposition managers initials to show that it is checked both teams will be fined for non compliance. - 40 -

Types of Errors

If more than 16 players have shirt numbers entered next their name

Ineligible player fine and loss of points

If the marshal name is not recorded

Administration error fine

If the marshal has not signed team sheet

Administration error fine

If the score check is not signed

Administration error fine

If a players is listed in the upgrade players section of the form with no shirt number

Administration error fine

If a player is listed in the upgrade players section of the form with an incorrect player registration number

Administration error fine

The omission of an upgraded player’s registration number shall be deemed by registrars to be due to the card not being available and will be treated as ineligible player. If the opposing team manager has initialled the team sheet stating that ID cards has been sighted, the total fine shall be divided evenly between the two offending clubs

Fine and loss of points

If the team from which a player is upgraded from is not recorded

Administration error fine

If a player is upgraded in breach of the upgrade rules i.e. a U12.1 player upgraded to U13.2

Ineligible player fine and loss of points

If the total number of players with shirt numbers in the player details section of the form plus the players in the upgrade section of the form exceed 16

Ineligible player fine for each player above 16 and loss of points

If manager does not sign the form

Administration error fine

If a substitute team manager completes the team sheet and does not change the printed managers name and sign

Administration error fine

If the coach does not sign the team sheet

Administration error fine

If a substitute coach is coaching the team and they don’t change the printed coaches name and sign the teams sheet

Administration error fine

If there is a player on the team sheet with a shirt number that does not have the opposition managers initials

Administration error fine to the players club (Note 1)

Changing player details on a team sheet after the game is completed

Fine and loss of points

Use of liquid paper or pencil

Fine and loss of points

Playing an unregistered player

Fine and loss of points


1. It is the team manager’s responsibility to make sure that all players on his/her team who have a shirt number recorded on the team sheet are presented for inspection by the opposition manager and that the sheet is initialled for each player checked by the opposition team.

2. It is not acceptable to allocate numbers on the team sheet to players who are not at the ground and then mark DNP.

Table of Penalties Relating to Team Sheet and Playing Compliance



Playing an unregistered or suspended player: Loss of Points and Fine $200

Competition points will be awarded to opposition team.



Playing an ineligible player – Loss of Points and Fine $50

Competition points will be awarded to opposition team.










Any team forfeiting a game – Automatic Loss of Points plus Fine as set out here-under.

Any team Under 9 and above forfeiting without notice – Fine $100

Any Under 6, 7, 8 team forfeiting without notice – Fine $25

Notifying the Association in the prescribed manner with less than 48 hours notice, excluding day of game – Fine $50

Under 6, 7, 8 – Fine $10

Referees & Assistant Referees Fees: where applicable, will be paid by the forfeiting club. Due to scheduling timing, referee fees may be applied even when 48 hours notice has been provided.

Competition points will be awarded to opposition team.




Team Sheet incorrectly filled in: Fine $5 per error, maximum $50 per team sheet per club. Refer to sample copy of completed Team Sheet included in this section. The maximum penalty of $50 applies only to administration errors.


Team Sheet not arriving at association office by Tuesday following game – Fine $25 per team sheet.


Team Sheet not arriving by seven days following game – Loss of Points to Home Team and Fine $100


Team Sheet being illegible due to the use of soluble ink pen or felt nib pen – Fine $50



Use of Liquid paper or pencil on Team Sheets – Fine $100 plus Loss of Points to offending team. Competition points will be awarded to opposition team.


Team sheet not noting “I.D. Cards not sighted” – Fine $5


Team sheet not signed and printed by a team marshal – Fine $5





The omission of players’ registration numbers in the upgrade section shall be deemed by registrars to be due to the card(s) not being available and will be treated as ineligible player. If the opposing team manager has signed the team sheet stating that ID cards have been sighted, the total fine shall be divided evenly between the two offending clubs.




There are sixteen name spaces on a team sheet. This is the maximum number of players eligible to participate in a competition match. Any additional inclusions shall be ineligible and shall be dealt with under point 2.

Administration errors for the first three competition rounds will not be penalised by a fine. However, clubs will be formally notified each week of the Registrar’s Report with the Fines recorded. On and after the fourth round, all fines shall be enforced.

Administration Error fines = $5.

Administration errors include omission of ground details, date, name of team, kick off time, venue, absence of manager and marshal signatures, incorrect names or errors in ID or shirt numbers. It also includes no signing of the sheet by team manager at completion of the game.

It shall be the responsibility of each club to provide team managers and coaches with a copy of these fines prior to the start of each season. It is also incumbent on club management committees to provide sufficient training to team officials in the correct procedures for completing team sheets



Sample Team Sheet